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Business Management

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Our Business Management Group offers a wide range of financial, wealth planning, and lifestyle management service to members of the entertainment industry. Our current and past clients include musicians, actors, athletes, writers, directors, producers, photographers, models and entertainment executives, among others. Our certified public accountants and seasoned professionals apply proven expertise with outmost discretion and attention to guide your financial life and protect your future.

Whether you are established in your career or an up and coming talent in your industry, your career demands constant attention in order to be successful. Delegating your financial and life management to our Business Management Group, from personal financial planning and tax strategy to fulfilling short and long term lifestyle needs, provides you more time to devote to your family and concentrate on your career.

Our relationship driven approach and flexible sliding fee pricing enables us to provide the highest level of hands on personal service. Although we establish and maintain a synergistic relationship with key members of your business team, including managers, lawyers and agents, we work with you directly on financial and lifestyle matters.

Our business management services include 

Financial Services 

  • Bill payment and cash management 
  • Tax planning, consulting and preparation 
  • Reconciliation of brokerage and bank statements 
  • Payroll, benefits and insurance coordination and review 
  • Financial report preparation, analysis and review with client 
  • Tour accounting and budgeting 
  • Royalty agreement review 
  • Review of contracts 

Wealth Planning Services 

  • Investment due diligence 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Estate and trust planning and coordination 
  • Gift tax planning 
  • Private foundation consulting, assistance, bookkeeping and tax preparation 
  • Philanthropic planning 
  • Education planning 

Lifestyle Management Services 

  • Primary and vacation property management 
  • Real estate purchase and new home construction assistance 
  • Domestic employment matters 
  • Charitable event coordination 
  • Intellectual property protection with copyrights, trademarks, and patents

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