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A Personal Touch Service That Focuses on the Client

While working for the same company in Los Angeles, Robert Korpas and Erica Roach realized that they shared a professional attitude: both were passionate about personal service and believed that, as a client, you are not just a job but a real person with real problems that need to be resolved. 

When they discovered a common entrepreneurial spirit, it was only a matter of time before they started their own company. Now, at ERK Financial Consultants they offer a full range of financial services. From bookkeeping and taxes to business planning, business development and marketing, they help you deal with your taxes and guide your business to growth and the next level of success. Because they have a thorough understanding of the principles that underlie taxation, accounting and business development, it is easy for them to work with individuals and businesses in any field. 

Previous experience working for larger companies flows into the knowledge they bring to your financial situation. They took the best of what works, discarded what doesn't work, and developed a highly personalized service that puts the client in the center. 

Personal service is a motto that runs through every aspect of their business. It led them to create an environment where you feel comfortable asking any questions, however simple. At ERKFC you don't just hire a CPA, you get someone who is genuinely interested in your life beyond your figures. 

ERK Financial Consultants never relegates you to a junior staff member. Robert and Erica provide services directly to you so that you get an experienced professional for the same price you would pay for a junior accountant at a larger firm. As business owners themselves, Robert and Erica understand how important it is to be able to focus on doing what you are good at, rather than trying to deal with complicated situations that are beyond your area of expertise. They take those worries off your shoulders by assisting you with your business needs. 

Clients have come to regard them not just as financial consultants but also as a resource for services they might not offer in-house. They have a network of highly skilled professionals that they refer you to when necessary. 

Their dedication to providing the highest quality service means that they take continuing education courses every year in different aspects of accounting and taxation, so that they learn new ways to save money for you.